Thermal Insulation

Technically, thermal insulation, or in other words sheathing, is the process that is done to reduce the heat transfer between two regions at different temperatures. In order to prevent heat losses on the building walls, the coating processes made with thermal insulation materials on the inner and outer walls of the building are called sheathing.A lot of waste is made in buildings without thermal insulation, and these wastes cause serious damage to both our home economy and our country'

What is Sheathing?

All kinds of coating process made from the exterior for the purpose of thermal insulation of buildings is called sheathing. It is thought that the exterior cladding made with only foam plates or rock wool plates is sheathing among the people. Contrary to popular belief, exterior cladding with natural thermal plaster, which can be used instead of these plates, is also a sheathing.Sheathing materials should be compatible with the texture of the building material and human health. Thermop

What is Thermal Insulation Plaster?

Thermal insulation plaster is a natural composite material consisting of expanded inorganic minerals, containing no petroleum-derived chemicals or carcinogenic substances, and providing thermal insulation on its own.Why Is Thermal Insulation Important?To protect from extreme heat in summer and extreme cold in winter.To get rid of cold areas on the walls and inside the building, to provide a homogeneous warmth and comfort.To protect the facade and building units f

What are the General Properties of Thermal Insulation Materials?

Thermal insulation materials are used to prevent heat loss or to keep heat out. Almost all thermal insulation materials help to prevent the penetration of heat and radiant rays into the hot air and the flow of heat into the cold air. Mainly dependent on thermal conductivity, the most common thermal insulation materials include fiberglass foam. In addition to this, you can choose aerogelli plasterterm thermal insulation plaster, which is very popular recently. Sıvaterm 100% domestic productio

Advantages of Using Thermal Insulation Plaster in Sheathing

Sheathing is the covering of buildings with materials that provide thermal insulation from the outside. This process has taken this name because it resembles the process of dressing to protect our body in the cold of winter. In other words, when we say sheathing with thermal insulation plaster, we mean covering the building with thermal insulation plaster. The aim here is to make the interior of the building, namely our living spaces, least affected by the weather conditions outside. In this

Thermal Insulation with Plaster

Thermal insulation plasters, sheathing and insulation applications continue to increase day by day. In other words, insulation plasters are becoming more and more preferred products and their name is announced to more users. The fact that the users state that they are very satisfied with the thermal insulation plaster also increases the reliability of these materials.On the other hand, despite the increasing usage rate and positive feedback, there are those who look at thermal insulati

Importance of Internal Insulation

Insulation in buildings can be done both inside and outside. As it is known, the application we call sheathing is the name given to the insulation made from the outside. It is even sometimes called exterior cladding or exterior sheathing. The biggest reason why the sheathing is done only from the outside is that the old type classical insulation materials contain carcinogenic substances because they are petroleum derivatives. Moreover, these materials are quite unstable. The last layer of pla

Exterior Sheathing Prices

In recent years, there has been a serious increase in the number of buildings benefiting from the application of exterior sheathing, together with the increasing energy costs and the support and obligations of the state in terms of insulation. Although this mobility in the sector was reflected positively on the prices at first, the fluctuations in the foreign currency caused the prices to increase again.While calculating the exterior sheathing prices, the main cost is labor and materia

Benefits of Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is the process of heat transfer between insulating material and materials in contact with heat. Thermal insulation is measured by thermal conductivity. Low thermal conductivity materials are used for thermal insulation. In addition to thermal conductivity, density and heat capacity are also important properties of insulation materials.For thermal insulation, heat flow through the insulation material must be resisted. Therefore, the insulating material working as an i

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