Exterior Sheathing Prices

In recent years, there has been a serious increase in the number of buildings benefiting from the application of exterior sheathing, together with the increasing energy costs and the support and obligations of the state in terms of insulation. Although this mobility in the sector was reflected positively on the prices at first, the fluctuations in the foreign currency caused the prices to increase again.

While calculating the exterior sheathing prices, the main cost is labor and materials. Oil-derived old-style insulation boards are directly affected by the fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates, either because they are imported or, at best, because their raw materials are imported. They even experience price increases in the same direction. Moreover, since the workmanship of these old-fashioned outdated sheathing methods is very difficult, the labor cost is also quite high. So in short; The old-style exterior sheathing, which is made with processes such as applying the adhesive material, sticking the boards, applying dowels, applying mesh plaster again, and applying the last layer of plaster, costs very high prices with both labor and material costs.

When we come to the present day of exterior sheathing, we see that the prices have dropped seriously again with the new generation sheathing material, thermal insulation plasters. Since thermal insulation plaster is a product with a very high performance and 100% domestic products like Sıvaterm, it is not affected by fluctuations in foreign currency. In addition, since the sheathing process is completed by plastering the building with this plaster, it also provides serious advantages in terms of labor costs.

When this is the case, those who want to save energy by having exterior sheathing for their buildings, increasingly prefer Sıvaterm thermal insulation plaster. One of the most important features of thermal insulation plasters in terms of cost is their longevity. These plasters, which are under the guarantee of the company for 20 years, have a usage period equivalent to the life of your building. However, old-style sheathing materials only give you a 5-year company guarantee. In regions with high humidity, these plates often begin to rot before 5 years due to high condensation and experience serious performance loss. Considering that the exterior sheathing is amortized in approximately 4-5 years with energy saving expenses, it turns out that the old-style materials used for a 5-year insulation performance actually have no cost advantage.

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