Breathing Houses
Sıvaterm is a breathing material due to its structure. In this way, it allows you and your family to live in a healthy home.
New Generation Insulation
Sıvaterm is different from all other insulation materials. It is 100% domestic production and developed using boron.
Natural Sheathing
Sıvaterm is an ecological insulation plaster that protects natural life and the environment. Since there are no substances harmful to nature and human health in its component, it makes natural jacketing.
Long Life Insulation
Sıvaterm Ecological Thermal Insulation Plaster has high performance insulation properties thanks to the boron, stone haire, glass beads and specially formulated minerals it contains. It saves energy up to 60%. It is the highest quality material in its class with its technical insulation values. Due to the nature of the minerals it contains, it is very long-lasting. Its lifespan is equivalent to the life of your building. Buildings that are exterior sheathed with Sıvaterm will never experience problems such as rotting, melting or disintegration of the sheathing material.
Healthy and Safe Sheathing
Sıvaterm Ecological Thermal Insulation plaster is a plaster consisting entirely of inorganic minerals. It does not contain any carcinogenic, chemical or petroleum-derived substances harmful to human health in its composition. With its breathing structure, it prevents the formation of mold, moisture and bacteria on the walls. Thus, it creates a healthy atmosphere indoors. A1, that is, it is a safe jacketing method because it is fireproof. Sıvaterm does not have the risk of igniting and burning caused by petroleum-derived jacketing materials. At the same time, it supports your building against the risks posed by an earthquake as it does not put extra load on your building with its very light structure.

Sıvaterm provides energy savings up to 60% with its superior features.


The life of Sıvaterm is equivalent to the life of your building. That's why we give a 10-year warranty on all our products.

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