Advantages of Using Thermal Insulation Plaster in Sheathing

Sheathing is the covering of buildings with materials that provide thermal insulation from the outside. This process has taken this name because it resembles the process of dressing to protect our body in the cold of winter. In other words, when we say sheathing with thermal insulation plaster, we mean covering the building with thermal insulation plaster. The aim here is to make the interior of the building, namely our living spaces, least affected by the weather conditions outside. In this way, we minimize the amount of energy consumed by the appliances we use for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Thermal insulation plaster is a very advantageous material when compared to other sheathing materials. These plasters, which contain minerals with superior thermal insulation properties such as boron and perlite, are very high performance materials. They make ideal insulation when used in appropriate thickness in the appropriate climate zone. In addition, these plasters not only provide thermal insulation, but also sound insulation and water insulation.

Another important point is that thermal insulation plasters are healthy materials. These materials, which contain organic minerals and are cement-based, do not contain any carcinogenic substances harmful to health. In addition, due to their breathing properties, they prevent the formation of mold, moisture and bacteria on the walls and keep the air you breathe indoors healthy.

Another feature of insulation plasters is that they are durable and long-lasting. They have a lifetime equivalent to the life of your building. They do not rot, spill or deteriorate over time. In addition, these non-combustible materials also make fire insulation by preventing the spread of flames in case of a possible fire. Another advantage of thermal insulation plasters in terms of durability is that there is no need for doweling during application. Therefore, it does not make your buildings unstable in the event of an earthquake by puncturing them. Since they are light, you will not put an extra load on your building.

In addition to all these advantages, when evaluated in terms of cost, thermal insulation plasters are the most attractive among all other sheathing materials. Especially in a period of sudden fluctuations in foreign currency, these materials, which are not affected by these fluctuations as they are 100% domestic goods, are affordable materials in terms of m² price. Moreover, its easy application reduces the labor cost during application. Most importantly, since thermal insulation plasters are high-performance insulation materials, they make a significant contribution to your budget by reducing your energy expenses by up to 60% in both heating and cooling. Since these materials are equivalent to the life of your building, if you consider that it will save energy uninterruptedly, you will see the striking cost advantage.

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