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In recent years, thermal insulation has started to gain popularity with the mandatory laws brought by the state, energy savings and tax advantages. Of course, this dynamism in the construction industry has also led to some discussions.

The differences in application techniques of organic and inorganic insulation materials used in insulation have caused these discussions. While such discussions were taking place in the thermal insulation sector, thermal insulation plaster also managed to be one of the most important reasons for the discussion.
What is SIVATERM? What is it made of?

SIVATERM; It is a lightweight, thermally insulating composite mortar made of made of glass sphere, perlite and mineral fibers fired at high temperature and expanded.

Where and how is SIVATERM applied?

SIVATERM; It is applied on the surfaces where thermal insulation is desired on the interior and exterior of the buildings. It is shipped to the construction sites as dry powder mortar in kraft bags. Here, it is prepared by adding water into it and mixing, and it is applied to the surfaces to be applied in the form of plaster using a steel trowel and a gauge. It does not require special labor, anyone who knows how to plaster can apply it. For more detailed information about the application, please review the application guide.

Is SIVATERM harmful to human health?

SIVATERM is absolutely not harmful to human health. The ingredients and minerals it contains are completely natural and non-carcinogenic.

Does SIVATERM pose a fire risk in our home? Is it flammable?

SIVATERM is a class A1 non-combustible product. In European standards, flammability classes are classified as A1,A2,B1,B2 and C. Some sheathing materials can obtain B or C class flammability certificates by using various chemical additives that retard ignition. However, these materials melt during the fire and release toxic smoke, this toxic smoke poses the greatest danger to life during fire. Class A1 non-combustible products do not ignite in any way during fire, they do not melt, and they do not emit smoke in any way. In order to say that a product is truly fireproof, the flammability class of that product must be A1. SIVATERM is a non-combustible product and provides fire insulation by protecting the building during a fire.

Can SIVATERM breathe?

Thanks to the pores in SIVATERM, it is a product with high breathing ability. Non-breathing sheathing materials not only affect our health negatively, but also cause mold and dampness. In addition, thermal insulation performances are adversely affected due to the condensation formed in their bodies. With its breathing structure, SIVATERM is not harmful to human health and is resistant to mold, humidity and humidity.

Does SIVATERM prevent dampness? Does it insulate?

SIVATERM prevents the water coming from outside to diffuse inside the walls, it does not absorb and imperme the water. Due to this feature, it makes very good waterproofing and prevents moisture.

Can I provide thermal insulation using only SIVATERM?

SIVATERM is a material that provides thermal insulation on its own and is applied in the form of plaster. It provides thermal insulation on its own and cannot be used with any other material.

SIVATERM? Coating?

SIVATERM because it provides better insulation compared to other sheathing systems. It is easier to work. Since it breathes, it does not moisten and damp like other sheathing materials. It can be applied without the need for additional materials such as nets, dowels, screws. There is no additional place. It is a completely domestic product and is produced from non-carcinogenic materials. It is lighter than other sheathing systems, does not impose a load on the building, and unlike other sheathing materials, it is in the A1 class of non-combustible.

Who can apply SIVATERM?

SIVATERM It does not require special labor and can be applied easily by any master who knows how to use a steel trowel and gauge. It is easy to work and economical in this respect.

How can SIVATERM insulate?

SIVATERM contains raw materials that provide high thermal insulation, such as sheep wool, perlite, which is sheared boron. Thanks to its specially formulated porous structure with these raw materials, it provides an excellent thermal insulation. In addition to thermal insulation, it also provides sound, water and fire insulation.

Does SIVATERM soundproof?

SIVATERM provides excellent sound insulation thanks to its porous structure. It insulates sound by isolating both the sounds coming from the outside and the sounds between the houses from each other.

On which surfaces is SIVATERM applied?

SIVATERM can be applied directly to walls built with elements such as brick, pumice, briquette, aerated concrete without using any primer or mesh. SIVATERM can be applied after the transition primer is applied to the plastered or painted surfaces of the interior and exterior walls of the buildings currently inhabited. On the concrete surfaces, SIVATERM can be applied after the transition primer is applied. SIVATERM should not be applied to unstable and flexible surfaces. On dusty surfaces, the surface must be cleaned of dust.

Can I apply SIVATERM internally?

Sheathing is generally an external insulation application, the reason why the jacketing application is only done externally is that old-style jacketing systems are petroleum derivatives and contain carcinogenic substances. Due to its structure consisting of natural minerals, SIVATERM thermal insulation plaster does not contain any chemicals and carcinogenic substances harmful to human health. Thanks to this feature, it can be easily applied from the inside.

At what thickness should I apply SIVATERM?

SIVATERM Thermal Insulation Plaster can be applied in any desired thickness between 1cm and 10cm according to insulation projects. It can be easily applied up to 2,5 cm thickness in one go. If a thicker application is desired, the first layer applied is allowed to dry, then the second layer is applied. It is recommended to apply 2-2.5 cm in Aegean and Marmara regions of our country, and 3-3.5 cm in Central Anatolia and eastern regions.

If it rains, will our exterior with SIVATERM be full of holes?

Thanks to the components it contains, SIVATERM is a material with high adhesion strength. It has a rigid and solid structure. It does not break, spill or crack. It is impact resistant. It will not be damaged in any way in hail.

Can I get an energy performance certificate if I use SIVATERM?

When you use SIVATERM Ecological Insulation Plaster in your new projects, you can get the Best Class Energy Performance Certificate. When you jacket your existing buildings with SIVATERM Ecological Insulation Plaster, regardless of its current class, the energy savings provided by SIVATERM's high insulation performance will bring your building to the category of buildings with the Best Class Energy Performance Certificate.

Can I get permission from the municipality with SIVATERM?

It is a product with SIVATERM TSE Certificate. It has all the necessary documents in terms of both product and application. By using SIVATERM you can get all the permits that can be obtained from the municipalities.

Will SIVATERM crack? Does it spill?

Another feature that distinguishes SIVATERM from other sheathing materials is its high strength, rigid and robust structure. It is a product with high adhesion ability that is resistant to impacts, does not sag, is not affected by hail and precipitation on the surfaces it is applied to. Due to these features, it does not spill or crack. It also does not rot in any way.

Does SIVATERM have a warranty?

SIVATERM is under a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

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