Sıvaterm Dekosaten Interior Decorative Plaster

It is applied on Sıvaterm Interior Insulation Plaster on interior facades. It is a thin and decorative plaster applied as a final coat. It allows you to create a decorative surface on the wall. It is a breathing material. Therefore, it supports the breathing feature of Sıvaterm Insulation Plasters and helps to create a healthy indoor atmosphere. All interior paints can be applied on it. Thanks to its decorative surface, it gives the paint a stylish appearance.

It has a satin-like smooth surface.

It breathes. It prevents the formation of mold, moisture and bacteria.

It provides an aesthetic appearance.

Prepares the surface for painting.

Since it provides high adherence with the surface, it does not spill.

It is high performance, does not crack.

It is easy to prepare and apply.


Usage Areas

Sıvaterm Dekosaten Interior Decorative Plaster is a fine decorative plaster that can be applied on the interior of Sıvaterm Izonaturel Plaster or classical rough plaster.

It is applied as the last coat before painting on interiors where a satin-like smooth appearance is desired.

Product Information
Preparation of the Product

5 liters of water is poured into the vessel where the mortar will be prepared and the 25 kilogram Sıvaterm Dekosaten bag is completely emptied. Then it is mixed with a mixer with 500-600 rpm. Depending on the consistency of the mortar, 0.5 liter - 1 liter more water is added and mixed for 1-2 minutes until it reaches the appropriate consistency. The material, which is ready for application, can stay in the boat for a maximum of 3 hours.

Application Method

The application of Sıvaterm Dekosaten Decorative Plaster is done with the help of a steel trowel. All masters who can apply classical decorative plasters using a steel trowel and gauge can also apply Sıvaterm Dekosaten.

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