Sıvaterm Izonaturel Ecological Interior - Exterior Thermal Insulation Plaster

New Generation Insulation

Sıvaterm Izonaturel is a special material developed with completely natural materials, does not contain any chemicals, carcinogens and flammable substances harmful to human health, and designed to meet the need for thermal insulation in buildings.

You can insulate your building in a healthier and more natural way with only Sıvaterm thermal plaster, without the need for flammable thermoplastic sheets made of styrofoam or foam.

Breathing Houses

Non-breathing exterior insulation materials cause a poor air quality inside your home, which causes frequent discomforts such as fatigue, weakness, asthma, bronchitis and upper respiratory tract.

Thanks to its natural porous structure, Izonaturel has the feature of breathing, and with this feature, it provides a healthy and comfortable indoor atmosphere to its users, and also prevents the formation of mold, moisture and bacteria on the walls.

Your Home is Safe

Combustible exterior sheathing materials endanger our lives by creating a fire risk, it is very important for our safety to use non-combustible materials with A1 class incombustibility certificate in exterior thermal insulation materials. Although it is stated that some foam boards are non-combustible by using various additives preventing ignition in their production, they still endanger our lives by releasing toxic gas and smoke during fire.

According to European standards, the reaction classes to fire in thermal insulation materials are determined as A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, and the best class is A1, which does not react to fire in any way (non-flammable, non-flammable, non-melting, gas and smoke-free). In order to be able to mention that exterior sheathing materials are truly fireproof, the incombustibility class must be A1.

Your home is always safe with Sıvaterm Izonaturel, which has an A1 class non-flammability certificate, does not burn in any way, and even provides fire insulation by preventing the formation of flame bridges during a fire.

No Hole Anchors, all the seamless insulation that completely surrounds your building.
In the sheathing process made with thermal insulation plates, joints are formed between the plates, and holes are formed as they are attached to the surface with dowels. Over time, openings may occur in the joints and holes, which leads to the formation of thermal bridges and adversely affects the thermal insulation performance.

The sheathing made with Sıvaterm Izonaturel natural thermal plaster wraps your whole house as a whole, has no joints, no holes and dowels, so you get a longer-lasting and high-performance thermal insulation and energy saving.

While sheathing with eps, xps and rockwool plates, hundreds of holes are drilled in your building, these holes damage your building and reduce its earthquake resistance.

4 insulations with a single Product

While Sıvaterm offers a good thermal insulation performance, it also provides sound, water and fire insulation. Thanks to the light minerals in it, it has high sound absorption, thus providing a more comfortable environment by providing sound insulation.

Thanks to its closed pore mineral structure, it does not absorb and imperme water, thus providing water insulation and protecting your home from moisture and humidity. As a waterproof material, it prevents water and moisture from outside and protects your building against mold, bacteria and rot.

Facade Insulation Beneficial for Environment and Human Health
Chemical wastes, which are very harmful to the environment and human health, are formed during the production stages of exterior sheathing materials produced with petroleum-derived chemical thermoplastic raw materials, and since these products are not renewable ecological products, while these products are applied to buildings, the residues formed in the construction area also threaten the environment and human health.

The raw materials of our product consist of completely renewable ecological inorganic minerals, in addition, no environmentally harmful processes are used in the production technology and no waste is generated for the environment. Since the wastes generated during the application to the building are renewable, they do not harm the environment.

From the production to the application stage, Sıvaterm has no harm to the environment and human health, and unlike other materials, it has beneficial aspects for human health.

Antibacterial structure: The components of Sıvaterm Izonaturel thermal insulation plaster are obtained by cooking and expanding inorganic mineral origin natural materials in ovens of approximately 1000 degrees, so it is a sterile material, does not contain microbes, does not form bacteria and is beneficial for human health in this respect.

Radiation absorbing structure: Many electronic items in our living spaces emit radiation at various levels, this radiation is harmful to human health. Boron and silicon element in its raw material has the feature of absorbing radiation, in this way it protects you from radiation and provides benefits.

Usage Areas

Sıvaterm Ecological Insulation Plaster is a product that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Since it provides heat, sound and water insulation at the same time, it can be preferred wherever one or more of these three insulation types is required. It is a plaster that can be used instead of rough plaster in new projects, both inside and outside. When it is used on the floor and ceiling in the interior, the insulation feature is utilized at the highest level. Likewise, it can be used as a roof insulation material in new projects due to its waterproof feature. Sıvaterm is the right product for the classical sheathing of old buildings, which we call exterior cladding or exterior sheathing. After the surface is cleaned, the jacketing process of the building plastered with Sıvaterm is completed.

Product Information
Technicial Specifications

Thermal Conductivity: 0.049 W/mk T1

Sound Insulation Structure: 35db (3 cm / 500hz)

Flammability Class: A1 Non-Combustible

Compressive Strength: 5.79 N/mm² CS I

Adhesion Strength: 1.5 N/mm²

Water Vapor Permeability: 1.99

Density: 350 ±50 kg/m³

Water Absorption Coefficient: 0.302 kg/m² min0.5 W1

Consumption: 4-4.5 kg/m²/1 cm

Applicable Thickness: 1 cm – 10 cm (Can be applied up to 2.5 cm at a time)

Drying Time: 48 hours at 23°C and 50% humidity.

Appearance: White and Gray

Application Temperature: 0 / +45 C

Application Tools: It is applied with steel trowel, gauge, and application machines of the type recommended by our company.

Applied Surfaces: In painted old buildings, first the gross concrete primer is applied and then Sıvaterm is applied. It can be applied directly on materials such as brick, ytong, pumice. Concrete primer is applied on concrete surfaces.

Packaging Type: 12 Kg Kraft Bag

Shelf Life: The Standby Life of the Unopened Package is 12 Months When Stored in a Humidity-Free Environment.

Application Method

- First, 7 liters of water is poured into the vessel where the mortar will be prepared and the 12 kilogram Sıvaterm bag is completely emptied onto the water. The mixture inside the bag is not homogeneous. The light aggregate part is at the top and the binder part is at the bottom. For this reason, the bag should never be divided, it should be emptied into the boat at once. MIXTURE MADE WITH A PART OF THE BAG WILL HAVE NEGATIVE RESULTS. Multiple bags can be discharged into a boat.

- Then it is mixed with a mixer with 500-600 rpm. (High speed mixers may damage the mortar.) After a waiting period of 10 minutes, 1-2 liters of water is added according to the consistency of the mortar and mixed for 1-2 minutes until it reaches the appropriate consistency. The material ready for application can stay in the boat for a maximum of 3 hours.

- The application of Sıvaterm Ecological Insulation Plaster does not require special labor. All masters who can apply classical plaster using a steel trowel and gauge can also apply Sıvaterm with the same methods.

- According to the thermal insulation project, any desired thickness between 1 cm and 8 cm can be applied. 2.5 cm thickness can be applied in one go. If a thicker application is desired, the first layer applied should be allowed to dry and the second layer can be applied after that.

- Drying time (15 °C temperature, 50% humidity environment) is 36 hours. It can be applied at atmospheric temperatures between +5 °C and +45 °C. Any desired plaster (mineral, gypsum) and paint can be applied as a topcoat on Sıvaterm.

- Before the application, of course, the application surface must be carefully prepared. Sıvaterm; It can be applied directly to the walls built with elements such as brick, pumice, briquette, gas concrete without any lining or mesh. Its adhesion strength (adherence) is high. It is recommended to use exposed concrete primer before applying to surfaces such as curtain concrete, tunnel formwork, concrete panel. It should also be used on painted surfaces after applying the exposed concrete primer. Before applying to surfaces covered with dust layer, the surface should be cleaned of dust. It can be applied on all kinds of plaster, but the plasters that are about to fall off and that are not solid should be scraped.

- Application can be made with a spraying machine, the machine must be pre-mixed, the machines that mix the mortar with water and then pump it should be preferred. Machines that mix or ship the product while it is dry are not suitable. The diameters of the spirals and hoses should not be small, the spiral and hose diameters of some plastering machines may be small. The size of the aggregates in the product is in the range of 1-3 mm, this should be considered when choosing a screw.

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