Thermal Insulatıon

Sıvaterm Insulation Plaster is an ecological plaster in powder group class with dry form containing boron, stone hair, glass beads and expanded minerals. It does not contain any chemicals or carciogenic substances harmful to human health in its specially formulated composition and provides thermal insulation up to 60%.

With Sıvaterm, the longest lasting thermal insulation material in the world, you can have warm living spaces at affordable costs.

Sound Insulatıon

It is an insulation material used to provide heat and sound insulation between floors on the interior floors of buildings. Consisting of materials with high sound insulation performance, Sıvaterm provides acoustic comfort by preventing sound transmission between apartments. Thanks to its very light and robust structure, it minimizes the overload on buildings.

You can have healthy living spaces with Sıvaterm, which breathes and prevents and prevents the formation of mold, moisture and bacteria.

Water Isolatıon

Sıvaterm, which contains boron, stone hair, glass beads and expanded minerals, is an ecological screed. Sıvaterm product, which is also used as a roof insulation material, is waterproof.

Thanks to Sıvaterm, you can eliminate situations such as humidity and humidity from your life.

Fire Insulatıon

Sıvaterm is a plaster that has successfully passed all temperature tests and has proven its " A1 Non-Combustible" feature. Thanks  to its jointless structure, it does not from thermal bridges. It acts as a fire barrier. It reduces the load of the building as it does not require a protection screed.

With Sıvaterm, you can imagine a world where the risk of fire is eliminated.

Long Lastıng

The life of Sıvaterm is equal to the life of your building. It is under our guarantee for 10 years after application.

Healthy and Ecologıcal

Sıvaterm does not contain any chemicals or carcinogenic substances harmful to human health. It is an ecological plaster consisting of natural minerals. Thanks to its breathing feature, it prevents the formation of mold, moisture and bacteria.

Urban Transformatıon

Sıvaterm is a plaster that meets all all the requirements of the insulation requirement, which is the most important subject of urban transformation.


In addition to the energy savings it provides, Sıvaterm also provides advantages with low material and labor costs in practice.

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