What is Thermal Insulation Plaster?

Thermal insulation plaster is a natural composite material consisting of expanded inorganic minerals, containing no petroleum-derived chemicals or carcinogenic substances, and providing thermal insulation on its own.

Why Is Thermal Insulation Important?

To protect from extreme heat in summer and extreme cold in winter.

To get rid of cold areas on the walls and inside the building, to provide a homogeneous warmth and comfort.

To protect the facade and building units from high thermal stresses and moisture damage. (Thermal variation in the outer shell can cause stresses and cracks equal to tons of weight.)

To prevent condensation, dampness, moisture and mold and to protect the waterproofing of terraces from thermal degradation.

Reducing air pollution, saving fuel and energy expenditures (with air conditioners) for both heating and cooling.

Reducing the initial investment. With thermal insulation, the heat loss and heat cost of the building will decrease. So you will use smaller air conditioners.

To leave natural resources to future generations by reducing consumption.

When You Have Thermal Insulation;

The exterior of the building is protected from adverse atmospheric conditions. They are not subject to overheating or cooling, heavy rain or frost.

Since the elements of the building will not be affected by sudden changes in temperature, no cracks or bubbles will occur due to expansion or contraction. Thus, maintenance costs can be minimized and the life of the building increases.

In addition, reinforced concrete structural elements (such as columns, beams and shear walls) for many years. It can keep its original resistance to earthquake.

You should do a good research and find the best one while having an exterior insulation plaster. One of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to insulation plaster, plasterterm has proven itself with the works they have done in this field. Sıvaterm insulation plaster contains Aerogel, glass beads and expanded minerals. It is an environmentally friendly fireproof plaster in the dust group class. Thanks to its special content, it never contains chemicals harmful to health.

It provides an excellent performance in heat, sound, water and fire insulation. Its density is quite low and it is 6 times lighter than normal plasters. The plus of its lightness is that it does not put an extra load on your building and accordingly, its earthquake resistance increases.

The life of the thermal insulation plaster is equal to the life of your building. Since it is of inorganic mineral origin, it does not absorb water, does not change shape over time, does not rot and does not deteriorate. So it is quite long lasting. Thanks to its breathing feature, it prevents the formation of moisture, humidity, bacteria and mold on the walls.

It is quite easy to apply. In economic terms, it also provides you with a lot of convenience. It eliminates the need for rough plaster in new projects, which saves the contractor money and time.

Since the exterior sheathing process is done by plastering with thermal insulation plaster, it covers your entire building in one piece, there is no hole anchor and joint, so the thermal insulation performance is very high.

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