Sıvaterm Izozemin Heat and Sound Insulation Screed

It is an ecological alum in powder group class with dry form containing boron, stone hair, glass beads and expanded minerals. It is an insulation material used to provide heat and sound insulation between floors on the interior floors of buildings. It is a material with high sound insulation performance. It provides acoustic comfort by preventing sound transmission between apartments. It has a very light and solid structure. With these features, it minimizes the overload on buildings.

It provides heat and sound insulation between apartments on interior floors.

It breathes. It prevents the formation of mold, moisture and bacteria.

It acts as a fire barrier.

It is light and does not put a load on the building.

Does not require a protective screed.

All floor coverings can be made on it.


Usage Areas

Sıvaterm Izozemin Heat and Sound Insulation Screed is used on interior floors between floors. It creates a comfortable living space for you by insulating heat and sound between apartments.

Product Information
Technicial Specifications

Thermal Conductivity: 0.042 W/mk T1

Sound Insulation Structure: 35db (3 cm / 500hz)

Flammability Class: A1 Non-Combustible

Compressive Strength: 0.79 N/mm² CSI

Adhesion Strength: 1.5 N/mm²

Density: 364 kg/m³

Consumption: 4-4.5 kg/m²/1 cm

Drying Time: 1 day at 23 C 50% humidity.

Appearance: White and Gray

Application Temperature: +5 / +45 C

Application Tools: It is applied with a Steel Trowel, Spraying Machine and Plaster Pump.

Packaging Type: 12 Kg Kraft Bag

Shelf Life: The Standby Life of the Unopened Package is 12 Months When Stored in a Humidity-Free Environment.

Preparation of the Product

7 liters of water is poured into the vessel where the mortar will be prepared and the 12 kilogram Sıvaterm bag is completely emptied. Since Sıvaterm Plaster has a composite structure, the dry mixture is not homogeneous. For this reason, the bag should never be divided, it should be completely emptied into the boat at once. Multiple bags can be discharged into a boat.

Then it is mixed with a mixer with 500-600 rpm. (High speed mixers may damage the mortar.) After a waiting period of 10 minutes, 0.5 liters – 1 liter more water is added according to the consistency of the mortar and mixed for 1-2 minutes until it reaches the appropriate consistency. The material, which is ready for application, can stay in the boat for a maximum of 3 hours.

Application Method

The application of Sıvaterm Izozemin Heat and Sound Insulation Screed can be done with the help of a steel trowel or with a suitable screed machine. Drying time (15 °C temperature, 50% humidity environment) is 36 hours. It can be applied at atmospheric temperatures between +5 °C and +45 °C. Any desired flooring can be made on Sıvaterm Izozemin.

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