Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings

Page containing detailed information on the regulation of fire protection of buildings.
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Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings and Sıvaterm

In order to carry out thermal insulation, water insulation and exterior sheathing applications in buildings in a way that will not risk human health, life and property safety, the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire was revised within the framework of the European Union Acquis and entered into force in its final form on September 9, 2009.

With the provisions of the regulation, comprehensive regulations have been made on the fire safety of buildings. In this context, restrictions and prohibitions have been imposed on the use of thermal insulation and exterior sheathing materials with poor fire resistance in buildings.

Sıvaterm Ecological Thermal Insulation Plaster is an "A1 Class Non-Combustible" material. Due to this structure, it fully meets all the binding provisions contained in the "Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire".

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) foams with flammability class “E” according to TS EN 13501-1 (“B1” according to DIN 4102) and “normal flammable” feature, and Carbon Reinforced EPS which are their derivatives The use of all flammable insulation materials sold under different trademarks in the market, such as, on the exterior of buildings with more than 2 floors, is prohibited by the regulation.

The same regulation also states that in the event of non-compliance with this prohibition, action will be taken against those responsible in accordance with the provisions of the “Turkish Penal Code No. 5237” and “The Law on Misdemeanors No. 5236”.

As Sıvaterm, we believe that fulfilling the issues specified in this regulation, which directly concerns life and property safety, is a human responsibility as well as a legal obligation, and with this awareness, we produce Sıvaterm Ecological Thermal Insulation Plaster, which provides 100% fire insulation.

*In order to have detailed information about the regulation, the full text of the regulation is shared below.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Official Gazette Number: 26735

Regulation Decision Number: 2007/12937

Enforcement of the attached "Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire"; Upon the letter of the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement dated 1/11/2007 and numbered 5098, it was decided by the Council of Ministers on 27/11/2007 in accordance with the additional article 9 of the Civil Defense Law No. 7126.
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